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Edu-Com offers relevant courseware that empower students of all age gropus with the computer skills to succeed in and out of the classroom.


Acquaintance Plus (5 – 8 Grade)
Novice computer users start with fundamental skills, Ms-DOS, Windows XP, and Ms- Word XP in 5th grade.

Ms-Excel XP, Ms-PowerPoint XP, Email and Internet in 6th grade.

HTML, Ms-Frontpage XP, Multimedia, Hardware and Network in 7th grade.

Adobe Photoshop 7, Macromedia Freehand MX and Macromedia Flash MX in 8th grade.

Scope: Limited to the learning how to take advantage of the computer as a tool for homework, communication, research, self-expression and project work assignment.

Course Duration: Four classes per week (2 Theory + 2 Practical)
Fun and Learn (Nursery – 4 Grade)
While boosting basic skills on reading / writing, number counting and drawings, younger childern also get a positive jump-start on computer technology through multimedia based packages from nursery. Whereas application like Paint brush and WordPad are learned in 3 and 4 grades only.
Scope: Recognizing computer parts, usage of mouse adn keyboard. And to take advbantage of computer as a toll for learning other subjects like English and Math.

Course duration: Two classes per week (1 Theory + 1 Practical)

E-Commerece Basic (10 + 2 Grade)
Skills on professional courses can be acquired in 10+2 level through courseware like E-Commerece Basic as student have strong base on computer subject in their school.